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welcome to vermilion sands | roast

For RISC OS users interested in all aspects of astronomy, atmospheric and earth sciences.


Astronomical news for RISC OS users


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recent updates

32-bit XEarth
30 Nov 2006
An Iyonix-compatible port of
the XEarth application, which
draws an ever-changing view of
the Earth on your pinboard.
Now with graphical configuration,
image and animation support.

Rainbow supernumaries
3 Aug 2006
A rainbow with clearly visible
supernumerary bows

New Moon pictures
14 Jul 2006
A series of images of the moon
at various phases

Cassini movie
3 May 2006
How to make a movie from
raw Cassini images

Lunar halo
17 Nov 2005
A complete lunar halo

Sunspot group
25 Jul 2004
A large sunspot group

Venus transit
24 Jun 2004
Nick Bailey photographed the Venus
transit using a solar filter

Venus transit
8 Jun 2004
Photos of the rare transit of
Venus across the face of the sun

New photographs
27 Mar 2004
Recent images of Mercury
and iridescent clouds

Mars in 3D
8 Jan 2004
Viewing stereo images
from the Mars Rover

Leeds aurora
30 Oct 2003
Aurora picture from Leeds, UK

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