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Iridium flare

An Iridium flare, seen from Leeds on 14 July 2003


Iridium flare [Leeds UK, 14 July 2003; Canon 10D]

This is a stack of five images shot with a Canon 10D digital SLR. This page has a full description of the image and how it was made.

Image details (one of five)

Photographer: Chris
Taken: Leeds, UK, 1:06am Mon 14 Jul 2003
Original format: 3072 x 2048 JPEG, 2563 Kbytes
Camera: Canon Canon EOS 10D
Exposure: 6 sec * ISO800 * f4.50
Focal length: 24.00mm
Metering: Average
Flash: Not fired
Photodesk processing: Stacking, colour balance, gamma
Original format: Scanned from a print
Camera: Olympus OM1
Exposure: 15min * ISO1600 * f?
Focal length: 28mm
Photodesk processing: Sky fog removal; gamma; saturation; scaled; clipped

© 2003 Lee Montgomerie / Chris Terran
All images are copyright and may not be reproduced without permission

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