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About this site

What? Why? Who?

The ROAST web site aims to provide information, support and resources for RISC OS users interested in all aspects of astronomy, meteorology and related sciences.

It was set up to accompany the ROAST mailing list, established after a USENET discussion about RISC OS astronomy software. It contains information on astronomical and meteorological software, hardware projects, links to other sites of interest, image galleries and tutorials on image processing, news of interest to its readers, and resources such as an archive of postings to the associated mailing list.

It can also provide space for ROAST members. If you would like (for example) to post some images, or put up a piece of software, please let us know.

The site maintainer is Chris Terran, who also (with his wife Lee Montgomerie) looks after the Photodesk resources site.

This web site is made possible by the generosity of the Iconbar team, to whom we express our warmest thanks.

— Chris Terran, 29 April 2003

Site Credits

This web site is wholly designed, written and maintained on an Iyonix pc running the RISC OS operating system.

The following software was used to create and maintain this site:

  • ArtWorks
    Including all Martin Wuerthner's wonderful improvements and plug-ins
  • Compo
    Rob Davison's commercial image compositor
  • Draw
  • ChangeFSI
    Sophie Wilson's essential image processor
  • FTPc
    Colin Granville's flawless FTP client
  • InterGIF
    Peter Hartley's definitive GIF toolkit
  • JCut
    J David Barrow's freeware JPEG utility; trims, cleans and tidies all in one
  • Paint
  • Photodesk
    A powerful commercial image editor
  • Siteman
    Our own site maintenance program
  • StrongED
    The definitive text editor (and the other one is Zap)
  • Thump
    Rick Hudson's excellent freeware image browser
  • Variations
    Rob Davison's freeware image modifier
  • WebMan
    Kell Gatherer's site update utility

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