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Annular Eclipse 31 May 2003

A glow appears


A glow appears [Dornoch Scotland, 4:34:48am Sat 31 May 2003; FinePix4800 ZOOM digicam]

At this point, 4.34am, the sun should have risen in a ring of fire. But this is all we could see, a faint orange glow on the clouds. Just prior to this we suspect the sky darkened noticeably, but it may have been wishful thinking.

We resolved to stay until the show was over, in the hope of seeing the sun through a gap in the clouds.

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Image details

Photographer: Chris
Taken: Dornoch Scotland, 4:34:48am Sat 31 May 2003
Original format: 2400 x 1800 JPEG, 721 Kbytes
Camera: FUJIFILM FinePix4800 ZOOM
Exposure: 2/37 sec * ISO125 * f2.80
Focal length: 9.40mm (macro Off)
Program/mode: Normal/Auto * Metering: Pattern * White balance: Auto
Flash: Not fired * Slow sync: Off
Warnings: blur Yes, focus Yes, AE No
Photodesk processing: Scaling, gamma adjustment

© 2003 Lee Montgomerie / Chris Terran
All images are copyright and may not be reproduced without permission

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